Why WordPress is Best?

Most of the people who are thinking of starting a business are unable to do so because they believe that they cannot make it happen due to the lack of a website. Some worry about how they will be able to run the website and how much they will have to pay for it. With blogging platforms emerging on the Internet, these tiny problems have been solved for all the people thinking about a business startup. One of the most popular blogging platforms is WordPress, even though there are others like Blogger and Ghost. Keep reading the article, and we will make a comparison between the platforms.

WordPress is a Content Management System that helps the marketers utilize it for creating content relevant to their services and products, as well as Bloggers can make use of it for efficiently running their blogs. WordPress is the best platform with so many unique features that help in creating a great and attractive site and provides an opportunity for businesses to grow.

Here are some of the prominent features of WordPress, which makes it better. These are:

WordPress is Free to Use

One of the essential and notable features that make WordPress better is that it is free to use. It is free in the sense that it is an open source software and allows the users to modify, use, and build it without a fee. Millions of people are using it for creating blogs and creating content for business related products and service to be successful.

WordPress is SEO Friendly

The other important feature, which makes WordPress better, is that it is pure SEO friendly and make the content able to attract an audience in an organic way and at a faster rate. You have to use it properly and understand the basics about how it will operate also; there are no such parameters required to make the content optimized like for other search engines. WordPress takes this responsibility by itself.

WordPress is Easy to Manage

For the beginners in blogging or writing, there is no better choice than WordPress. WordPress is a fantastic platform, which is super easy to use and access. There are no such techniques to use it. It is manageable and reliable to use, thus making it easier for users to perform their writing tasks efficiently.

Easy to Customize Themes

Another fantastic feature of WordPress is that a user can create a website look attractive and elegant effortlessly by using the customized themes of WordPress. The users can quickly get access to customized themes and plugins to utilize them on their website so it may appear more attractive.

WordPress is Safe to Use

Even though WordPress is offering free services as an open source, the question arises, whether it safe to use WordPress? Keeping it short, Yes, WordPress offers complete security, privacy, and it is 100% safe to use.  However, to make it more secure, you must have to follow a security guide, creating a strong password can help in this respect.

Comparison of WordPress with Blogger and Ghost

Although WordPress is the best platform to create and write blogs as well as with other prominent feature, there is a mini comparison of WordPress with a few other platforms.

  • WordPress Vs. Blogger

WordPress is a fully featured platform offering the content creators to create a website for any purpose to create content about it. On the other hand, Blogger is a platform that only allows the users to start a blog and create simple blog posts.

WordPress offers unique modifications, themes, and plugins to make a website look elegant and attractive. Also, Blogger does not provide such themes, although it offers basic functionalities.

For advanced use, WordPress allows its users with custom code, while the Blogger only allows creating personalized blogs with minimal use of custom code. 

  • WordPress Vs. Ghost

Although Ghost is a blogging platform as well, it does not allow a wide array of themes and modification like WordPress.

Ghost uses Markdown, which is a shorthand HTML. On the other hand, with WordPress, you need to be more approachable and precise.

With WordPress, it is easier for the bloggers to sell their blogs because migrating data from WordPress is more straightforward however, with Ghost; it is a little bit difficult.

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