Understanding App Business & How to Start It?

App business is getting so much hype due to its enormous scope. Creating and selling apps will be entirely beneficial if an app becomes famous by reaching millions of downloads. Although it is not easy investing time in creating something that is highly in demand success and money that comes with, it makes it worth it. You can earn through any app, but the gaming category is the best way to make a lot of money due to the repetitive and addictive nature of the app. Also, if the idea behind the game is right, you can good money off of it, but apps that are highly in demand are gaming apps as they go viral quickly, thus benefiting ideally.

Here are some of the prominent reasons, which shows how owning an app business can benefit amazingly.

Benefits of Owning an App

Here are a few benefits of owning a business app.

Earn through the app by making it viral on Social media

Owning an app business will lead you to higher earning. You can make money by creating and selling an app or you once your app goes viral, and it has millions of downloads then rest assured you are going to earn a lot. You can use social media platforms for the promotion of your apps, where you can easily attract a massive audience for your app.

Marketing Through Your App

Another significant benefit of owning an app is that whenever you create any new app, you can promote it through your existing apps to your audience that is already using your apps. In other words, if you are running an app business, then it will be easier for you to market your new apps quickly and effortlessly to make it more profitable and popular in less time.

Building a Strong Portfolio

Being an owner of the app business will help you build a strong portfolio that will help you make your business grow further and at a faster rate. Building and selling apps that are highly in demand will increase the order in the market by doing your work known by maximum people. Thus allows you to build a strong portfolio that will increase the need for your work and make your business grow at a faster rate.

Buying a Well Setup App

A good setup app is an app that already has millions of downloads and has a considerable number of an active audience, which is using that app. Therefore, buying a well set up app will benefit you in a way that you do not have to spend a lot of time and effort in creating and all little things like ASO, etc. You can buy and monetize a well set up app effortlessly to make your business more profitable in a natural way with less effort.

Hiring someone to build an App

If you do not know how to make an app for your business, it does not matter, you can hire someone for this purpose, as it will benefit you in the same manner. However, hiring someone to create an app, you must follow a proper guide and keep a few crucial things in mind. Some of the key features while hiring someone for app building are:

  1. Keep in mind your Budget
  2. Hire someone who fits in your Budget
  3. Have a look at their portfolio
  4. Keep a check on the previous work experience of the developer
  5. Look for if they will design correctly according to your desire.
  6. Make it clear what qualities your app must contain, look for it if they can provide you with all the features.

Keeping these things in mind will help you have a perfect and desired app, so it will make your business grow efficiently.

Getting Started with Vlogging

A way of blogging through videos is known as Vlogging. In other words, a modified form of blog representing both audio and video is a vlog it is also known as a video blog or video log. The vloggers use a medium like YouTube and sometimes Facebook too, to share their video log instead of just sharing a simple blog on a website. Therefore, Vlogging is a combination of both the blog and the stream (both video and audio) to represent the thoughts and ideas of an individual.

A vlogger can create vlog anywhere, but the only thing that matters is the right medium that supports video content. So far, YouTube has proven to be the best platform for Vlogging where the vloggers can easily create and share the vlogs to become famous as well as earn loads of money through while doing what they love.

However, an essential element for Vlogging is to choose a topic to vlog about, which enables a vlogger to create amazing and unique content about that, so here are few Vlogging topic ideas for you.

Topics to Vlog about

Choosing a topic to vlog about is necessary for Vlogging, as it will make it clear to the vlogger what type of content he should create to become a famous vlogger in that particular niche. Therefore, some topics that are perfect for Vlogging are:

  • Daily Life
  • Morning and Night Routine
  • A sneak peek to Behind the scenes
  • House/Room Tour
  • Shopping Haul
  • Technology related Videos
  • Gaming Videos
  • Educational Videos
  • Dos and Don’ts

Equipment Required for Vlogging

After selecting a topic to vlog about, the next important thing is to consider what necessary equipment required creating amazing vlogs. Here are a few essential types of equipment for Vlogging.


It is evident that for creating video content, you need a camera to capture and organize your content. If you are a beginner, you can also start Vlogging with your mobile, which does the same job. Although, starting with your phone will be more beneficial and convenient even when you just started with Vlogging. It is also comfortable, to begin with, your phone, as you do not need to invest so much for buying a camera to start with. However, if you have enough investment, then a good quality camera is a great option.


The microphone is another essential tool of Vlogging equipment as it enables the users to hear you. The microphone will help in enhancing the quality sound for the video, making it a high-quality video. Audio for a video matters a lot as the users want to listen what a vlogger is conveying in the video, if the audio quality is low then a vlogger will not be able to make Vlogging profitable.


Good lighting setup is another essential equipment for Vlogging. Even if you are recording a video with your phone, then good lighting will help in making the features of your video prominent and high quality. Good lighting will automatically boost the quality and visuals of the video. For this purpose, ring lights and background lighting will help in this respect.

Support for Camera or Mobile

The support for your cameras or mobile for Vlogging is yet another essential equipment required for Vlogging. To make your videos smooth and perfect using a tripod as comprehensive support is the best option. A tripod also helps in positioning the camera directly and provides a complete focus.

Editing Software

Finally, you need good editing software to enhance the quality of your videos. A video editing software is as essential as a camera for the Vlogging because it will help in making a video smooth and just perfect. With the help of video editing software, a user can add a different feature in the video to enhance it further and make it attractive. Some of the editing software for videos are.

  1. iMovie
  2. LightWorks
  3. Adobe premium pro
  4. Final cut pro

Benefits of Vlogging

As vloggers invest so much time in creating video content to entertain the audience, but here a question arises, what benefits of vlogging a vlogger can have. Therefore, here are some of the prominent benefits:

  • A vlog builds trust with the audience
  • A vlog allows a person to be more creative
  • It drives more traffic towards your channel
  • It is a cost-effective way to get fame

How to Monetize

To make your vlogging profitable, it is necessary to monetize your vlogs on YouTube to make money out of it. Therefore, here are some of the ways through, which a vlogger may get monetization quickly.


YouTube Ads is an essential step for getting monetization on videos.  YouTube allows a vlogger to set up ads on videos when an account reaches up to 1000 subscribers with a watch rate of 4000 hours. For this purpose, viewers, engagement, and more traffic are necessary, and with the help of consistency in Vlogging, a vlogger can quickly grow an account and increase the involvement of the audience.

With Brands Sponsorships

The marketers and the brands, look for the vloggers and video creators to share their products and services with for the promotion of their brands’ name. Getting these sponsorship opportunities from brands is another great way to get monetization quickly, but for this reason, your content must be attractive, engaging, and unique. In this way, it is easier for a vlogger to attract brands toward it and avail the opportunity to get quick monetization.

Launching Your Merchandise

Another great way that will help in monetization, which is by introducing your merchandise to the audience. People love merch, and once you start printing your merch with your customized designs on it, there is a good chance that people will buy it; as a result, this will help you monetarily. The merchandise could be anything like T-shirts, perfumes, beauty products, sports-related stuff, or even the customized key chains. This will ideally help you in getting quick monetization.

Why WordPress is Best?

Most of the people who are thinking of starting a business are unable to do so because they believe that they cannot make it happen due to the lack of a website. Some worry about how they will be able to run the website and how much they will have to pay for it. With blogging platforms emerging on the Internet, these tiny problems have been solved for all the people thinking about a business startup. One of the most popular blogging platforms is WordPress, even though there are others like Blogger and Ghost. Keep reading the article, and we will make a comparison between the platforms.

WordPress is a Content Management System that helps the marketers utilize it for creating content relevant to their services and products, as well as Bloggers can make use of it for efficiently running their blogs. WordPress is the best platform with so many unique features that help in creating a great and attractive site and provides an opportunity for businesses to grow.

Here are some of the prominent features of WordPress, which makes it better. These are:

WordPress is Free to Use

One of the essential and notable features that make WordPress better is that it is free to use. It is free in the sense that it is an open source software and allows the users to modify, use, and build it without a fee. Millions of people are using it for creating blogs and creating content for business related products and service to be successful.

WordPress is SEO Friendly

The other important feature, which makes WordPress better, is that it is pure SEO friendly and make the content able to attract an audience in an organic way and at a faster rate. You have to use it properly and understand the basics about how it will operate also; there are no such parameters required to make the content optimized like for other search engines. WordPress takes this responsibility by itself.

WordPress is Easy to Manage

For the beginners in blogging or writing, there is no better choice than WordPress. WordPress is a fantastic platform, which is super easy to use and access. There are no such techniques to use it. It is manageable and reliable to use, thus making it easier for users to perform their writing tasks efficiently.

Easy to Customize Themes

Another fantastic feature of WordPress is that a user can create a website look attractive and elegant effortlessly by using the customized themes of WordPress. The users can quickly get access to customized themes and plugins to utilize them on their website so it may appear more attractive.

WordPress is Safe to Use

Even though WordPress is offering free services as an open source, the question arises, whether it safe to use WordPress? Keeping it short, Yes, WordPress offers complete security, privacy, and it is 100% safe to use.  However, to make it more secure, you must have to follow a security guide, creating a strong password can help in this respect.

Comparison of WordPress with Blogger and Ghost

Although WordPress is the best platform to create and write blogs as well as with other prominent feature, there is a mini comparison of WordPress with a few other platforms.

  • WordPress Vs. Blogger

WordPress is a fully featured platform offering the content creators to create a website for any purpose to create content about it. On the other hand, Blogger is a platform that only allows the users to start a blog and create simple blog posts.

WordPress offers unique modifications, themes, and plugins to make a website look elegant and attractive. Also, Blogger does not provide such themes, although it offers basic functionalities.

For advanced use, WordPress allows its users with custom code, while the Blogger only allows creating personalized blogs with minimal use of custom code. 

  • WordPress Vs. Ghost

Although Ghost is a blogging platform as well, it does not allow a wide array of themes and modification like WordPress.

Ghost uses Markdown, which is a shorthand HTML. On the other hand, with WordPress, you need to be more approachable and precise.

With WordPress, it is easier for the bloggers to sell their blogs because migrating data from WordPress is more straightforward however, with Ghost; it is a little bit difficult.

What exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

Do you wish to know what Affiliate marketing is? Well, it is a marketing strategy through which the marketers promote and advertise their products and items with the help of the third party to generate leads towards their products and services. Affiliate marketers make money through this by taking a commission per sale. You can also say that in affiliate marketing, you basically act as a referrer and earn money by directing people towards a product or website.

Now you have a good grasp over the basic idea about affiliate marketing, but if you wish to get a better understanding of this topic, keep reading the rest of the article.

How does affiliate marketing works?

The marketers of a company or a merchant reach out to the internet users, probably a website owner or a blogger, with a huge fan base for the promotion and advertisement of their products or services. The owners of the website, Instagram page, famous bloggers or videographers are affiliates. Now, it is the responsibility of the affiliate to promote the product or service through communication with their audience to generate the leads and to increase the sales of the company. An affiliate can do this in multiple ways either by ads or through sharing links relevant to the products. After visiting the companies site through the reference of the affiliate, if a person makes a purchase, then the affiliate gets the credit up to 10% to 20% (or the sum agreed in-between company and the affiliate).

Below we have compiled a list of top affiliate sites which are offering excellent affiliate marketing opportunities. Anyone can benefit from these sites as long as they know how to market stuff.

Top Affiliate Marketing Sites

Below are some top affiliate sites:

  • E-Bay

The eBay partner is one of the best market places for affiliate marketing, as it is the most reliable website for marketing. Using this website for affiliate marketing allows the affiliates to select the product from the list they want to promote. This makes it the best affiliate-marketing platform due to its vast uniqueness and reliability. 

  • NerdWallet

NerdWallet is one of the higher ranked and highly in use website for affiliate marketing. This website is specially designed financial covers like loans and insurances. This website makes it easier for consumers to market financial services and products through comparison with the tools and reviews.

  • Amazon

A widely used website that also proved to be the best market place for affiliate marketers. It provides an opportunity for the affiliates to get up to 10% on each sale through their referral. It also proves to be the best because it has a variety of services and product range, so it provides an excellent opportunity to choose the products of choice.

What to consider while selecting an offer?

One of the most critical question that is asked is what to consider while selecting an offer? Therefore, there are a few things that will help in choosing the best offer.

  • Select the offer with Evergreen products

Being an affiliate marketer your priority must be selecting the evergreen products, means the products that sell throughout the year. This will be helpful because it allows the affiliates to make a decent amount throughout the year. On the other hand, choosing those products that have no market value will not benefit you.

  • Select the products relevant to your niche

Selecting the products related to your Niche will be helpful for you, as it will make it easier for you to create unique and fantastic content about that product effortlessly. As well as you know exactly how to drive more traffic in your Niche, so you can promote that product in a unique way and with less effort.

  • Select the products with high prices

Selecting a highly priced product will ideally benefit you as an affiliate marketer rather than leaving that product just because of the fact in mind that there are fewer chances that people will buy that product. If you know exactly how to convince your audience to buy, then do not leave that chance if you will have.

Free Ways to Promote Affiliate Products

Else, then affiliate marketing websites, here are few ways through, which one can promote the affiliate products free.

  • Through Blog posts

This is one of the easiest and cost-free ways to promote the products as creating a blog post or creating a blog about the relevant product is one of the most manageable tasks. However, the only thing that matters is to have strong followership. For this purpose, make sure to use SEO friendly content as well as use parameters and tools that will help your content visible among maximum people to generate higher leads to the company’s products.

  • Creating Videos on a platform like YouTube

YouTube is one of the widely used social media platforms where the content creators can share their services or the content in the form of amazing videos. This platform does not charge even a single penny to create and share videos, which makes it an easy and free way of promoting products. This also contributes, in the same way, to generate more leads as a blog do so.

Paid Ways to Promote Affiliate Products

Some paid ways for affiliate marketing are:

  1. Facebook Ads

Facebook is the most prominent and the best social media platform, which allows an opportunity for affiliate marketers to promote and advertise their products. Facebook ads help in this respect, which is not at all difficult to use although it provides you an overview of your sales and the promotions. It is a paid source for affiliate marketing as you have to pay a certain amount for running ads for your products and you can easily choose a suitable amount of your choice depending on how much traffic do you want.

  • Google Ads

Another, best platform to market your products to get guaranteed traffic is Google AdWords. It is a Google’s paid platform where you create an ad for which you have to pay, and it will appear on higher searches so maximum people can see it and there appear higher chances that you will get organic traffic for your products.

How to Earn Online Writing Articles

It is incredible to see people read and gain knowledge through the stuff that you have written. Monetizing your passion is a ubiquitous dream of many individuals. What if we were to tell you that you can make money by writing articles online? If you wish to know precisely how you can earn online by writing articles, then you are in the right place.

We will provide you with a systematic guide on how you can earn from writing articles, and if you are least familiar with writing articles, then you will get a proper guide on how to start writing and how it will enable you to earn through this.

For this purpose, here are a few steps that are necessary and will help you understand the basic of how things work.

Start with a Blog

First thing first, that will help in writing article is to start with a blog. A blog is a platform that helps people express their ideas, feelings, and also relay what they know to others. Apart from that, you can also promote your services online through a blog. To start a blog, you will first need to choose a profitable niche as this will help you decide the industry you want to target. By determining a niche before getting into blogging will also give you a lot of time in doing beforehand research that raises your chances of success in that particular niche. After you have selected your niche, you can choose a platform which you feel is best suitable for your content.

Use a Job Board

After creating a blog, the next important thing to earn through writing is by using a job board. A job board is a place where the business marketers and content marketers post for jobs, and for being a writer, it is easy to find the desired work related to writing. An article writer can find a suitable gig to work on easily using a job board. Hence, it will make a writer able to earn online writing articles.

Choosing A Platform

The next thing that helps a writer to earn by online writing articles is to choose the best writing platform. These platforms will help the writers to offer their services to content marketing brands and owner, so they become able to hire the writers to work with them. Few prominent writing platforms are as follows:

  • UpWork

UpWork is one of the most reliable and transparent platforms for work source and talent selection. UpWork provides vast opportunities to the writers to find clients to work with, and as a result, earn a handsome amount from writing articles. It is an authentic platform where it is easier for the writers to offer their writing services to get paid through their writing skills.

  • Fiverr

Fiverr is another reliable freelance platform where the writers can find contractors to provide their services and to work with. It is one of the easy to use platform where writers can offer their services by creating relevant gigs just starting at $5. Using Fiverr, a writer can become a top-rated writer by earning a decent amount only by following the terms and conditions of Fiverr.

  • People Per Hour

Another important platform that allows the writers to offer their services is People per Hour. Here the writers can find people to work with to earn through writing online. It will enable the users to communicate through messages as well as they can share files and share the invoices as well. Although it is the best platform where the writers can find work smoothly in a reliable way.

Best Writing Practices

Other than writing platforms, a writer must practice writing to make it more useful to earn through it. Some best writing practices are

  • Create an Effective Writing Environment

To become a professional writer and to make your writing more productive, it is necessary to build an environment that is merely perfect for writing. Creating such an environment helps you be more focused on your work and makes you feel comfortable while writing. Hence allows you to be more productive and creative with your writing skills.

  • Make Writing a Habit

Making it your habit will help you sharpen your writing skills and allows you to be a pro-writer in less time. As a newbie, you should write a blog daily, and gradually, you can switch to creating 2 or 3 blogs per week. This will help a lot in becoming a perfect and professional writer and enable you to earn through your articles smoothly.

  • Focus on Your Niche and Be Consistent

One of the vital thing that highly contributes to increasing your productivity as a writer is to stay focused on your niche while writing. Once you have decided a niche, then it is necessary for you to create content that is only relevant to your niche. Writing articles on different topics that are irrelevant to your niche will not allow you to create the quality content you are trying to create. Therefore, it is essential to be clear and focused, as well as staying consistent while writing. Consistency in writing will automatically increase productivity.

Hence, to earn through online writing articles to become a professional writer, it is necessary to follow all the steps described, as they will help in an effective way to make money online.

Start Dropshipping in Under 30 Minutes

As the online earning field is growing, demand for new niches and new businesses is growing as well. To start Dropshipping is one of the most potential and money making business. Though several people are already invested in it but there is always some space for new dropshippers.

How Dropshipping Works?

Dropshipping is actually a retail fulfillment business where clients order products from your store. Whenever an order is placed on your store you go to the supplier and ask him to send the products to your customer directly.

So, you don’t have to really see or handle or store the product yourself. It saves you from inventory management, sending out products and much more. You also don’t need much capital as compared to retail store.

Secondly you can list products on your store with profit while the retail price is much low. Say you order a product which you listed on your store for $80 while in retail it’s price is $30. So, its a straight $50 profit.

Have a look at this infograph by WooDropship to have a better understanding of dropshipping.


What is Needed to Start Dropshipping?

Though you don’t need much capital to start dropshipping but you will need atleast $500 to get started. Here is the list of what else you will need:

1. Hosting & Domain

Hosting is where you will keep all the data of your store so that customers can access your website even when your computer is offline. There are many good hosting providers with NameCheap and BlueHost as the best or you can choose any you prefer.

Domain name is the world wide web address which the customers will use to access your store. While buying a domain name make sure that it is attractive, easy to remember and related to your business. For example if you are deciding to start kids clothing store, something like kidsclothing.com will be best. If the desired domain name is not available than you can create variations and check or you can use this name generator to generate an effective name for you.

2. Store Setup

The second thing that you will need to do is to setup an attractive e-commerce store. If you have some know-how of web design you can create a store yourself or you can hire someone to do the job for you.

If you decide to go yourself you should know how to setup WordPress site and WooCommerce as well. If you don’t here is a quick guide on how to setup WordPress and WooCommerce.

Remember: Your store design will play a vital role to build trust and attract audience. So you should pay special attention to store design. Make it as much professional as you can.

3. AliExpress Account

This is where our products will come from. Signup for free with AiExpress and start browsing cool products. Once you find a product that you think is suitable for your store contact the supplier and ask for product details. Ask questions like “How long will it take to ship to your destination country?”, “Can he offer you any discount?” and if possible order a sample for yourself so you can know about the quality of the product.

4. Importing Product to Your Store

Importing products to your store can be a hectic task when you are doing it manually. But there are many automation plugins available that can help you import products in bulk. For now I will recommend you to use the free plan of Ezusy.

First of all signup for free account.


Now login to your account and go to Dashboard > Settings > Manage Stores.

There will be a store listed with name “Current Store” click on the Edit Store option and edit the details. Once you are done hit Save.

Now login to your WordPress Dashboard > WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > Rest API > Add New Key


Fill-in description and the Permissions should be Read/Write. Hit Generate API Key.


Now head back to Ezusy dashboard and go to Settings> Manage Stores and hit connect on the store you just edited.


Now enter your store URL. Say it is yourstore.com and enter your conusmer key and secret we generated in previous steps.


After you have filled-in the required information hit Connect.

5. Chrome Extension

Next thing you have to do is install chrome extension of Ezusy. Installing this extension will enable you import products from AliExpress to your Ezusy dashboard. And from Ezusy dashboard you can easily push them to your store.

6. Setting Pricing Rules

Before you import your first product to your store you have to set a few things up. For this go to your Ezusy Dashboard > Settings > Pricing Rules

There you can set pricing rules. I usually multiply the original price with 2 and sale price (for some products) with 1.75. It is just my way of dealing things, you can increase or decrease pricing according to your choice.

That’s all you are ready to start dropshipping. If you need further guide you can read our quick review on DOs and DONTs of Dropshipping or if you are finding it hard to find good trendy products you can follow our guide on how to find trendy products.

How to Earn Money with Photography?

Photography is a special talent. Not everyone is a quality photographer. There’s practically no barrier to entry. You’re limited by your time as you can only shoot so many weddings or portrait sessions per month unless you want to have associate photographers and such, and even then you’re still very limited.

How to earn money with photography?

Well, there are 2 easy ways you can make handsome money with your smart photography.

1.    Using Cell Phone

All things considered, versatile photography is a colossal potential. In light of the fact that, from one viewpoint, in excess of 3 billion pictures are taped each day! Yet, individuals don’t have the foggiest idea what to do in light of the fact that they don’t see money related worth. Then again, numerous organizations are searching for pictures from individuals from everywhere throughout the world to utilize them for computerized showcasing purposes. A few applications are helpful in such circumstances, including Draagu Pictures. Draagu (Community – Draagu) is an Android application that enables clients to sell their photographs to potential organizations.

Clients download the application and make a list of pictures. Clients are informed just when they have an image indistinguishable from the platform distributed by organizations without downloading or separating any of your photographs that make the procedure simpler. Regardless of whether you are selling your photographs through Draagu or not, recall that your photographs are of extraordinary worth and assets are available to you.

2.    Using Professional Camera

If you are serious with your passion of photography, you are presumably attempting to profit with your photographs. Despite the fact that the universe of expert photography may appear to be frightening, there has never been a superior time to utilize your aptitudes. Numerous professional photographers intend to toss a towel and even do it in an expert way.

Photography organizations are the most noticeably awful thing that can begin if your fundamental objective is to profit. Moreover, as an ever-increasing number of individuals transform into expert picture takers, the market is stuffed. It’s truly not a decent market to join.

With various kinds on offer and more moderate cameras than any other time in recent memory, it’s an ideal opportunity to venture out the expert stepping stool. This element will depict a portion of the manners in which you can adapt your camera, the correct speculation instruments, and how to showcase your photographs to the overall population. Try not to gain cash by getting an advanced SLR, you get cash by taking care of the issues of others. For this situation, the camera would utilize and take pictures.

Where to sell

  • If you are capable in stylish photography, make sacks for the on-screen characters, you will almost certainly acquire a great deal of cash. Or then again essentially catch pictures dependent on the impression. Numerous individuals need identification size photos. If you like taking photographs, you can download them from a site, for example, ShutterStock. You will be paid for each download of the pictures.
  • The wedding photography is obviously well known. You can acquire a great deal of cash through weddings without extra ability in photography.
  • Compose an image book as an eBook and you can gain cash from it.

Perks of Being a Photographer

By utilizing the camera correctly and great sense of photography can improve your life significantly better. Here are a few points of interest in building up the affection for photography. Photography offers numerous advantages.

  • It enables you to keep lovely recollections.
  • It carries us closer to nature and some more.
  • Wedding photography assumes a significant job in our lives since it catches our unmistakable day. This helps catch your preferred minutes in a photograph that dependably makes bliss all over.
  • It truly relies upon the innovation with which you can take pictures. The more photographs you take, the more expert you are.
  • We can even make stock pictures on an expert scale.
  • Subsequently, photography can show you more than insignificant specialized style yet in addition moral aptitudes, for example, persistence and lowliness at the times and feelings that you feel through the perspective.

Looking for more ways to earn money check out our guide on top 10 ways you can earn money online.

How to Create Your WordPress Blog

WordPress is the fastest growing and most used blogging CMS around the globe with millions of users and billions of daily reader. It gives you the flexibility to create a simple blog or a fully functional e-commerce store, limit is your thinking. So, if you are deciding to create a blog this is a quick and complete guide.

Why Choose WordPress?

This question may pop-up in your mind while deciding about your next blogging CMS. The answer is quite simple: WordPress is the best! But to further eliminate your concern here are few quick points:


WordPress is the most versatile platform you will ever find. It gives you the ability to create whatever you want and more over you can add functionalities on the go through wordpress plugins.

A wordpress plugin is type of add-on which adds a certain feature in your site without bothering you to change the entire site code.


Since wordpress is the most famous CMS it has well established community of thousands of developers which can help you if you are in trouble or want to seek guidance about something.

Since the community is such large, you can easily find tutorials, lectures and courses to enhance your wordpress related skills. You can also find the developers which are ready to fix, create or update your wordpress site at very economical rate.

Themes and Plugins

Themes are ready made wordpress site templates that you can use to create your site without writing even a single line of code. More over professional themes are fully customizeable, meaning that you can modify your site according to your taste and requirements and that too without writing a single line of code.

There are well known marketplaces where you can find wordpress themes and plugins at very economical price. Or you can hire someone to create a custom theme for you. Some famous marketplaces are Themeforest (for themes) and Codecanyon (for plugins).

Plugins are piece of code that you can install in your wordpress site to enhance performance, security or functionality. There are tons of free as well as paid plugins available that you can use to:

  1. Create Contact Forms
  2. SEO Optimize Your Site
  3. Enhance Security
  4. Implement SSL
  5. Secure Your Site

Here is a list of must have plugins for your wordpress blog.


WordPress is secure and safe. It has built in feature that can save you from brute force attack and malicious login attempts etc. Moreover wordpress is being updated continuously, and with every update comes the security fixes and more enhancements.

Enough with benefits of creating your wordpress blog. Lets dive into the procedure.

Creating Your WordPress Blog

To get started you will need a Domain name and a hosting.

If you are struggling on how to find an effective domain name here is a complete guide on how to choose a catchy and effective domain name.

Once you have purchased domain and hosting login to your cpanel. You will find the cPanel login details inside the email that hosting provider sent you.

Once you are logged into cPanel there are two ways to install wordpress.

1. Easy Method

Look for Softaculous Apps Installer in your cPanel dashboard. If you find it click on it else skip this method and go to method two.


Clicking on App Installer will take you to a new page where you will several apps listed. Hover Over WordPress and click Install.


On the next page against the “Choose URL” field select the domain name against which you need to install the wordpress.

Site Settings

In the “Site Settings” tab insert the Site Name say your site name is AskShafan or whatever. Next goes the tagline: ONE Stop Solution for Your Every Problem.

Don’t check the multisite option.

Admin Account

Under the admin account tab select a username and password. These details will be used to login to your WordPress dashboard every time you need to update, add or delete something from your site.

You also need to enter a valid email address. This email address will be used to reset the password in case you forget it.

Keep rest of the settings as it is but Under Select Plugins Tab uncheck all the fields.

And finally at the end click INSTALL.

This will take a while but once ready it will show you the admin link of your WordPress site it will be something like yourdomain.com/wp-admin. Save it or remember it by heart.


2. Manual Method

If you don’t find Softacolous Apps Installer in your dashboard don’t worry there is a manual method to install wordpress as well.

First go to WordPress.org and download the latest copy of wordpress.


Uploading WordPress

Now login to your cPanel and go to File Manager > Public_HTML (or your domain root folder) > Click Upload and start uploading the wordpress file you just downloaded.


Once uploaded go to your root domain folder (typically PUBLIC_HTML) and there you will see the file you just uploaded. Right click on it and extract the files.

Refresh the directory by clicking Reload.


There you will see all the extracted files. If your files doesn’t appear there than there should be a folder with same name as your wordpress file. Go to this directory and select all files inside it by clicking SELECT ALL (just beside Reload).

Now click Move (highlighted in Yellow) from the top menu and remove the word WordPress(highlighted in Blue) from the pop-up that appears.


Click Move Files.

Click One Level Up (this will take you to root directory).

Installing WordPress

Now enter your domain name in browser’s address bar (yourdomain.com). A new page will appear. Select English as your language (or any else you want to choose).


Click Continue!

Click Let’s Go!

Now again go to your cPanel dashboard and find “MySQL® Database Wizard” open the wizard.

Input your new Database name. Say (DomainDataBase) and click Next Step.

Enter Database username (can be your name or any abstract name) and enter password. Click Create User.

Remember all these credentials we will need it later.

On the next page check “ALL PRIVILEGES” checkbox and click Next Step.

Now go back to your website and fill-in all the details. Your Database Host is localhost and Table Prefix: either leave as it is or change it with your own.

Click Install and than Run Installation.

Site Details

Site Title is typically your DomainName but can be different. Username and password will be used to login to your WordPress Dashboard so remember these as well. Enter a valid email that you can access because it will be used to reset password in case you forget it.

Click Install WordPress!

Congratulations your WordPress blog is ready now you can start posting and using your site.

You can access your WordPress dashboard by visiting yourdomain.com/wp-admin or /wp-login.

Installing Theme

Though WordPress come with a default theme but it is not much professional and attractive. So, I would suggest either to buy your own theme from ThemeForest (they have quality themes) or download this free theme.

Now go to your WordPress Dashboard > Appearance > Themes > Add New > Upload Theme


Now browse the theme you just downloaded and click Install Now!

On the Next Page Click Activate!


Tada…………..! Your WordPress Blog is ready!

Customizing Your WordPress Blog

Now that you have setup your blog successfully it’s time to start customizing it to give it a professional touch.

For this purpose go to Appearance > Customize > Theme Settings

Favicon: It is the little icon that shows in the browser address bar. It should be 512×512 px.
Primary Color: Main color of the site. You can easily change it by clicking on the color picker.

Keep Rest of the options as it is.

Scroll Down and add your social profile links (optional) and check the box “Display social icons on site header“. At the end you can change the footer copyright text. Simply remove all the text there and type in “© 2019 All Rights Reserved – SiteName“.

Close the customizer.

Setting Pretty Permalinks

Pretty permalinks, as the name suggests are the links which can be easily remembered. WordPress gives you several permalink structure options to choose from but recommended are the Pretty Permalinks.

To setup pretty permalinks goto Settings > Permalinks


Select Post Name as your permalink structure. In the Category Base field input category and in Tag Base field input Tag.

Adding Post to Your WordPress Blog

Want to publish an article? It’s simple as ABC.

Go to Posts > Add New and start writing.


Title is the topic of your post. Add a catchy title so user clicks and reads your post.

In the Right Sidebar click on Categories Dropdown and click Add New Category type in Category name and click Add New Category Button.


Similarly in the tag field you can add relevant tags.

Featured image is the image that will appear as the thumbnail in your site as well as when you share the post on social media.

After you have written your post click Publish in the upper right corner of the dashboard.

That’s all. You have successfully setup your WordPress blog.

Need further guide? Check out these WordPress Basics tutorials.

5 Must Have Plugins for Your WordPress Blog

If you have ever used WordPress you know the value of plugins and if you haven’t than: plugins are the piece of code than you can install on your website to enhance or add some functionality to your website without changing or updating the code of entire website. Using the right plugin for the right job is the key.

Must Have Plugins

If you are currently running your blog on WordPress or your are deciding to create a blog on WordPress than here is the list of 5 must have wordpress plugins that you should use:

1. JetPack

JetPack is a free plugin that helps you to enhance the performance, security and site management of your website.It has a secure mechanism which will help your site stand against brute force attacks and malicious logins.

Besides security it also helps you to speed up your site through its site accelerator tools. Site accelerator serve images from Automattic’s server which increases your site load time and speed as well.

JetPack also enables site insights for you. By site insights I mean the traffic you receive daily,which pages your audience is liking most and where the traffic is coming from. All these things in one package.

2. Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Smush is a free image optimizer plugins which enables you to compress your images to reduce their size. Which in return increase your site load time and speed.

Unlike other free image optimizer plugins, Smush gives you the ability to compress unlimited number of images with free version. While it has a paid version as well which further enhances the compression rate without distorting your images.

The features I love the most are:

  1. It allows you to bulk smush your images. Comes handy when you install the plugin when you have already uploaded images on your site.
  2. Automatic smush helps you to smush your new images without clicking a single button.

3. Contact Form 7

As the name suggests Contact Form 7 is a contact form plugin which allows you create contact forms for your WordPress website. The plugins generates a short-code for every contact form which you can use inside any page/post to embed your contact form.

The plugin is super easy to use even for the beginners. You don’t need any particular coding skills to generate your first form but if you have some know how about HTML it will come handy.

4. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a also a free and one of the must have plugins that helps your to optimize your site, pages and post content to rank in search engines. It have certain basic and some advanced functionalities that help your sites’ on-page SEO.

It also enables you to generate a sitemap for your website, giving you the full control of what to add and what not to add in the sitemap. More over you get full control of the breadcrumb structure.

When it comes to content optimization it guides you about the standards like the keyword density, word count, outbound links, internal links, keyword length and text title. It also gives you the readability analysis which means it reads your sentence structure and advice you on how to curate engaging content.

5. Really Simple SSL

Really simple SSL provides you the easiest way to implement SSL on your website without any hassle. It switches your complete site to the SSL version with one button click keeping your site settings and configurations intact.

It is lightweight plugin so will not have any effect on your site speed or site performance.

Thorough Guide to become Instagram Influencer

You might be wondering what an Instagram influencer is? Don’t worry because we got all the information we know you require. Basically, Instagram influencers are the users who have built up a substantial loyal fan base on the social platform (Instagram). Instagram Influencers have usually built up their empires through pure hard work and patience. With the passage of time, the fan base starts to increase and influential status of the Instagram profile owner goes up a few notches. This influence can be used in several ways such as promoting some campaign, products or just basically advertising stuff.

Not everyone can be an Instagram influencer but if you want to be one, then there are a few things mentioned below, which you might want to go through before making your next move.

Define Your Niche

A niche is an act that relates to the services, products or the interest that allows a person to focus on representing or expressing the thoughts and ideas to attract the people. To make your Instagram grow fast, working on a specific niche will help you a lot.

By keeping, your goal set in your mind and making everything clear to you first, it will be easier for you to make a prominent success and growth in becoming a famous Instagram influencer. A niche is something you have to consider beforehand, so it will make you become more consistent and enable you to create amazing and unique content relevant to your niche. Although, there are so many influencers already working in one slot, so you have to be more creative and unique in representing your ideas through pictures and videos.

Create Amazing Stories

To become a famous Instagram influencer, presenting your content through unique stories and ideas plays a vital role. Doing this also helps in increasing the visibility and increase the chances to attract more audience. Instagram stories increase visibility and make them reach to maximum people.

Create an Aesthetic Theme

To make your Instagram profile appear more attractive, creating a unique theme will contribute in this respect as well. Creating and following a specific theme will help in increasing the visibility as well, especially when you are just at the initial stage of becoming an Influencer. A few theme ideas that will help in attracting more people to grow Instagram are:

  • Tiles Theme
  • Row Theme
  • Blackboard Theme
  • Mixed White Board Theme
  • Vertical Line Theme

Understand the Interest of your Audience

One of the prominent thing that also contributes significantly to helping an Instagram influencer achieve a high amount of following is by understanding the interest of the audience. It is quite necessary to follow the attention of the followers because it enables the influencers to create the content in which the viewer is highly interested. It also helps in increasing the engagement and make account grow faster.

After understanding the interest of an audience, creating unique and engaging content relevant to their desire will help in keeping them bound to your Instagram account. You can use several tactics to create engaging content like:

  • Organizing contests
  • Creating Polls
  • Creating videos of behind the scenes of your work.

Monetize Your Instagram Account to get paid

Being an Influencer does not benefit you until you start earning through what you express and represent. A significant concern of every influencer is to make their Instagram account monetized quickly so they can make some money through it. Although it is not that much difficult, here a few methods you can use to monetize your account:

  • Through Sponsored Posts

As Instagram is a great source for marketing, you can market anything like products, SAAS applications, Android Apps and much more. Being an Influencer, you can charge the brands to promote their ideas or products. Although, for others, it is only the picture which they can see once you share it in a unique way by giving sponsors the deserving credits. In this way you can actually make money. If someone approaches you to promote their product/app/brand you can charge a fix amount from them.

  • By Selling Affiliate Products

 Another thing that contributes to making your Instagram monetized is through sharing or selling affiliate products. The marketing brands will reach the influencers with a huge fan following and ask them to share their products. For this, they will allow you some percent of commission on each purchase through your referral and this way can help you in monetization.

  • Promote Your Own Brand

Last but not least, by creating a brand, which represents a specific product or a specific idea, also increase the chances of monetization. If you are having a fan following of at 10,000 followers then roughly 10% of your followers might do a purchase of your self-created brand. This simply means that you can earn a handsome amount but the only thing that matters is creativity and uniqueness.

Remember, Influencers will always be high in demand because they know how to portray everything in such an attractive way that their loyal followers are highly interested in doing as they are told to do. Brands are always looking to sign a deal with influencers who can bring them exposure through their fan base.