Omega J8003 juicer is a high quality juicer manufactured by Omega. As we know, Omega is one of the big home appliances manufacture. Omega is always proud of their products, so they always give long time warranty. You can see that, this juicer is covered by 10 year warranty. They are very confident of their products and always want to give the best value for their customer.

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Omega J8003 juicer is really easy in its maintenance. It’s easy to clean, to operate and to assemble. It uses low speed of 80 RPM. It makes J8003 juicer makes minimal heat-up and oxidation so it will produces more healthy enzymes and more durable juice. This juicer is suitable to be used by your family. Not only quick and clean, this juicer also produces healthy juice with more healthy enzymes.

Omega J8003 Juicer Review – Providing Healthy Juice with Full of Healthy Enzymes

Actually, what makes this Omega J8003 juicer so special? Several people love masticating juicer for some reasons. The main reason is the juicer works on low speed of 80rpms. By working on low speed, the juicer will prevent producing too much heat-up that may causes the healthy enzymes burned and it also prevents oxidation.

As we know, fruit has a lot of benefits, but if the healthy enzymes were burned, then the benefit of fruit will decrease. Because of that, this juicer works on low speed and a lot of people love to how it works.

Omega J8003 vs J8004 – What is The Differences Between These 2 Omega Juicer

Several people may not aware of the differences between each Omega J800x juicer. For now, we will give you the differences between j8003 vs j8004. We notice there are several differences between both juicers that really matter. First, the collection bowl of J8004 is larger than the bowl comes with J8003. This makes you able to produce more juice at a time by using J8004 rather than J8003. Then, the auger of J8004 is stronger even until 8 times compared to J8003. It makes you not worry about auger breaking. Also, the warranty of J8004 is 5 years longer than J8003. This makes a big difference. For all the differences, you have to pay about $30 more than J8003. If you want to read complete review on J8004 you can click here. You can also continue reading this article to get complete information on J8003.

Omega J8003 Juicer Features

  • J8003 Has measure 14.5” x 6.5” x 15.5”,
  • Covered by 10 year warranty,
  • Can be used as juicer, grinder, homogenizer, pasta extruder and also food processor,
  • Using low speed of 80 RPM so it reduces heating up and make juice more healthy,
  • Featured with dual stage juicing system,
  • No more heat build-up, foaming or even clogging.

Omega J8003 Juicer Reviews

J8003 juicer is really loved by its buyer. It has actually big number of average stars customer review. When this review created, it has average 4.7 out of 5 stars customer review. It means this J8003 juicer is really worth to be owned and it has enough reputation because J8003 juicer is manufactured by a trusted company, Omega juicer.

When I saw the review on, it’s hard to find somebody says that this juicer is bad. But, there is just minority of people said like that. Totally, 4 people give 3 stars review and less.

The one star review said that he was disappointed by J8003 juicer. He thinks he would love it, but he never tries to use this juicer. In the first using, it was defective and can’t be turned on. I guess there is a shipping or packaging mistake. Actually, this problem can be solved by Omega’s long warranty. In every product there would be a minus, it’s ordinary.

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