How to Add Your Website in Google Webmaster

Google webmaster is an effective free tool to keep an eye on your website performance, health, search related issues and error. It gives you the ability to track your website rankings in Google search engine and sllows you to see which of your website pages have been indexed by google. In this article I am going to walk you through: How to add your website in Google Webmaster.

Adding Your Site in Google Webmaster

The process is quite simple and even the beginners can do the job. In this article I am going to show you the very basic steps on how to add your website in google and submit the sitemap. If you are looking for advanced settings this article is not for you.

Step 1

Go to Google Webmaster and signin. You need a google account to get started. Create a free account or if you have already one you can use it as well.

A screen like the one given below will appear.

Use the second box which says “URL Prefix” and enter your website address. Click continue!

Step 2

The next step is to verify your property. Means verify that you own the website.

Simplest method is to download the html file and upload it in the main directory where your website is hosted.

If you are using cpanel simply download the file and upload the file in public_html folder. If you are using blogger or any other CMS that don’t allow direct access to file manager you can use HTML Tag to verify that the website belongs to you.

Once you have added the Tag/File to your website click verify.

If you receive the success message you are good to go. Else find out what went wrong.


Step 3

Click on “GO TO PROPERTY” button. That will take you to webmaster dashboard of your website. Or if you have closed the pop-up you can click on the menu button in the upper left corner and click search property and than click on your website link.

That’s all your webmaster is ready.

How to Submit Sitemap

Open your website dashboard from Google webmaster by going to menu (top left corner) > Your Website > Sitemaps.

Submit Sitemap

For WordPress

Go to your WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New

and than search for “Google XML Sitemaps” install the plugin and activate it.

Now go to Settings > XML-Sitemap.

In the Sitemap Content check the pages you want to submit via sitemap. Typically these are:

  1. Home Page
  2. Posts
  3. Static Pages
  4. Categories

Don’t forget to update the settings.

Now in the sitemap page of your webmaster dashboard after your website address add “sitemap.xml” and click submit.

Submitting Sitemap

That’s it.

You have successfully integrated webmaster with your website and have successfully submitted the website.

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