Getting Started with Vlogging

A way of blogging through videos is known as Vlogging. In other words, a modified form of blog representing both audio and video is a vlog it is also known as a video blog or video log. The vloggers use a medium like YouTube and sometimes Facebook too, to share their video log instead of just sharing a simple blog on a website. Therefore, Vlogging is a combination of both the blog and the stream (both video and audio) to represent the thoughts and ideas of an individual.

A vlogger can create vlog anywhere, but the only thing that matters is the right medium that supports video content. So far, YouTube has proven to be the best platform for Vlogging where the vloggers can easily create and share the vlogs to become famous as well as earn loads of money through while doing what they love.

However, an essential element for Vlogging is to choose a topic to vlog about, which enables a vlogger to create amazing and unique content about that, so here are few Vlogging topic ideas for you.

Topics to Vlog about

Choosing a topic to vlog about is necessary for Vlogging, as it will make it clear to the vlogger what type of content he should create to become a famous vlogger in that particular niche. Therefore, some topics that are perfect for Vlogging are:

  • Daily Life
  • Morning and Night Routine
  • A sneak peek to Behind the scenes
  • House/Room Tour
  • Shopping Haul
  • Technology related Videos
  • Gaming Videos
  • Educational Videos
  • Dos and Don’ts

Equipment Required for Vlogging

After selecting a topic to vlog about, the next important thing is to consider what necessary equipment required creating amazing vlogs. Here are a few essential types of equipment for Vlogging.


It is evident that for creating video content, you need a camera to capture and organize your content. If you are a beginner, you can also start Vlogging with your mobile, which does the same job. Although, starting with your phone will be more beneficial and convenient even when you just started with Vlogging. It is also comfortable, to begin with, your phone, as you do not need to invest so much for buying a camera to start with. However, if you have enough investment, then a good quality camera is a great option.


The microphone is another essential tool of Vlogging equipment as it enables the users to hear you. The microphone will help in enhancing the quality sound for the video, making it a high-quality video. Audio for a video matters a lot as the users want to listen what a vlogger is conveying in the video, if the audio quality is low then a vlogger will not be able to make Vlogging profitable.


Good lighting setup is another essential equipment for Vlogging. Even if you are recording a video with your phone, then good lighting will help in making the features of your video prominent and high quality. Good lighting will automatically boost the quality and visuals of the video. For this purpose, ring lights and background lighting will help in this respect.

Support for Camera or Mobile

The support for your cameras or mobile for Vlogging is yet another essential equipment required for Vlogging. To make your videos smooth and perfect using a tripod as comprehensive support is the best option. A tripod also helps in positioning the camera directly and provides a complete focus.

Editing Software

Finally, you need good editing software to enhance the quality of your videos. A video editing software is as essential as a camera for the Vlogging because it will help in making a video smooth and just perfect. With the help of video editing software, a user can add a different feature in the video to enhance it further and make it attractive. Some of the editing software for videos are.

  1. iMovie
  2. LightWorks
  3. Adobe premium pro
  4. Final cut pro

Benefits of Vlogging

As vloggers invest so much time in creating video content to entertain the audience, but here a question arises, what benefits of vlogging a vlogger can have. Therefore, here are some of the prominent benefits:

  • A vlog builds trust with the audience
  • A vlog allows a person to be more creative
  • It drives more traffic towards your channel
  • It is a cost-effective way to get fame

How to Monetize

To make your vlogging profitable, it is necessary to monetize your vlogs on YouTube to make money out of it. Therefore, here are some of the ways through, which a vlogger may get monetization quickly.


YouTube Ads is an essential step for getting monetization on videos.  YouTube allows a vlogger to set up ads on videos when an account reaches up to 1000 subscribers with a watch rate of 4000 hours. For this purpose, viewers, engagement, and more traffic are necessary, and with the help of consistency in Vlogging, a vlogger can quickly grow an account and increase the involvement of the audience.

With Brands Sponsorships

The marketers and the brands, look for the vloggers and video creators to share their products and services with for the promotion of their brands’ name. Getting these sponsorship opportunities from brands is another great way to get monetization quickly, but for this reason, your content must be attractive, engaging, and unique. In this way, it is easier for a vlogger to attract brands toward it and avail the opportunity to get quick monetization.

Launching Your Merchandise

Another great way that will help in monetization, which is by introducing your merchandise to the audience. People love merch, and once you start printing your merch with your customized designs on it, there is a good chance that people will buy it; as a result, this will help you monetarily. The merchandise could be anything like T-shirts, perfumes, beauty products, sports-related stuff, or even the customized key chains. This will ideally help you in getting quick monetization.

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