Best Juicers of 2019

It’s so convenient when you have the best juicer right on your countertop. You can make your favorite juices whenever you want, with the exact taste you like, the garnishes that please your aesthetic eyes, and at an overall pretty low cost.

But a juicer can be quite an investment, and it’s best to have all the information before making the decision. You want to be sure if it is right for you and is worthy of your money, time, and effort. You want to get the right gadget that will actually do the work instead of sitting in the cupboard to collect dust.

Be it a question about the different types of juicers, the benefits and drawbacks of juicing, or anything juicing-related, you will find your answer here.

Top Chart Of  Best Juicers

ImageProduct NameRatingBuy It On Amazon
Omega J80044.2/5Buy It On Amazon
Omega J8003 Juicer4.3/5Buy It On Amazon
Omega J8005 Juicer4.1/5Buy It On Amazon
Breville 800JEXL Juicer4.3/5Buy It On Amazon
Breville BJE510XL4.2/5Buy It On Amazon

Top 5 juicer reviews and buying guide

1. Omega J8004

Omega J8004 is another masterpiece of Omega Juicer. I believe to drink the homemade juice is healthier than the juices sold in the store. The Omega J8004 is one of the juicers can do the task. Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer is the white version of the Omega J8006 and there are also several different features on both of them. Why the homemade juice is healthier than the juices sold in the store? Because the home made juice contains more benefit substances and nutrition. Usually, the juices sold in the store contain more sugar and it is not healthy, especially for the diabetics. It will increase the sugar level in the blood of the diabetics.

So, I think the solution is to drink fresher and healthier home made juice. Also, you mustn’t be wrong in selecting the juicer to be used in your home. If you wrong in selecting it, you will not get the maximum nutrition from juice that is needed by your body. For that, my selection comes to Omega J8004. At the first time, I’m a little doubt to choose it, until I have read several reviews on several trusted websites. Here, I will tell you the whole of information I get complete with the review from users after using it.

The juicer is easy to clean. You can easily take apart of it and clean it easily. All the parts are able to be rinsed and because of that you will cut the time and the juicer is ready to be used again in short time. You can also perform a full cleaning if you are done using it for the day. The filtering portions on the cone have to be brushed by brush included in this juicer. Beside that, you can also clean it using dishwasher or even hand washed it to clean off ant remaining food particles.

Omega J8004 Juicer – The Types of Juicers

Overall, juicer is divided into 4 types based on how it extracts the juice. The first is citrus juicer. It is usually designed just to extract the citrus fruits like orange, lemonade, etc. If you just like the juice from citrus fruits, this type of juicer is for you. The second juicer is the centrifugal juicer. It can be used to juice anything. The disadvantage of this juicer is it usually works on high rotation speed motor that can cause the live enzymes burned and gives you low nutrition.

The third type is the masticating single gear juicers, and the last is the triturating twin gear juicers. The Omega J8004 is the masticating single gear juicer type. It works on low speed rotation motor. Because of that, you will get the maximum nutrition that is contained in a fruit because it will be extracted properly without burned by the head produced by juicer. This type of juicer is usually used by the people needs maximum extraction of a fruit.

Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer – The Advantages

Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer is one of the juicer that is easy to be assembled and tear apart. Unlike other juicers, Omega J8004 saves more time because of it is easy to clean, you just need to take apart the juicer and clean it easily. By using this juicer also, the family members will not disturbed because of your juicing activity. The juicer produces low noise and running quietly. It will make you and also your family comfortable while juicing.

The juicer is able to run in 2 different speeds. The high speed is for the hard fruit like apple, etc. The low speed is for leafy greens and soft fruits like grapes, oranges, and so on. Because of that features, you will get maximum extraction without clogging of the juicer or may be foaming of the juices. Beside that, the lightweight design makes you able to move the juicer to anywhere you want. It’s just about 20 pounds.

Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer Features

  • Covered by 15 years warranty for maximum protection,
  • The measurement of this juicer is about 14.5″ x 6.5″ x 15.5″,
  • It doesn’t produce much noise as several other juicers do,
  • UL- and cUL-approved,
  • This juicer easy to be cleaned, operated and also assembled,
  • Auto pulp-ejection for continuous operation,
  • High yield with very dry pulp,
  • It works on low speed of 80 RPMs means no heat build up, clogging, or even foaming,
  • It has dual stage juicing for maximum extraction,
  • Masticating juice extractor with powerful single-gear commercial motor.

Omega J8004 Nutrition Center Commercial Masticating Juicer Review

Omega J8004 juicer has been bought by a lot of people and of course it has got a lot of reviews from buyer, consist of positive and negative reviews. I have searched all over trusted websites that are expert in reviewing juicers and found some helpful information about this Omega J8004 juicer. In customer review, this juicer has got 4.6 out of 5 stars customer review. Actually, by seeing this statistics, you know that this juicer is favored and most of the buyers are pleased with their purchase.

2. Omega J8003 Juicer Reviews

Omega J8003 juicer is a high quality juicer manufactured by Omega. As we know, Omega is one of the big home appliances manufacture. Omega is always proud of their products, so they always give long time warranty. You can see that, this juicer is covered by 10 year warranty. They are very confident of their products and always want to give the best value for their customer.

Omega J8003 juicer is really easy in its maintenance. It’s easy to clean, to operate and to assemble. It uses low speed of 80 RPM. It makes J8003 juicer makes minimal heat-up and oxidation so it will produces more healthy enzymes and more durable juice. This juicer is suitable to be used by your family. Not only quick and clean, this juicer also produces healthy juice with more healthy enzymes.

Omega J8003 Juicer Review – Providing Healthy Juice with Full of Healthy Enzymes

Actually, what makes this Omega J8003 juicer so special? Several people love masticating juicer for some reasons. The main reason is the juicer works on low speed of 80rpms. By working on low speed, the juicer will prevent producing too much heat-up that may causes the healthy enzymes burned and it also prevents oxidation.

As we know, fruit has a lot of benefits, but if the healthy enzymes were burned, then the benefit of fruit will decrease. Because of that, this juicer works on low speed and a lot of people love to how it works.

Omega J8003 vs J8004 – What is The Differences Between These 2 Omega Juicer

Several people may not aware of the differences between each Omega J800x juicer. For now, we will give you the differences between j8003 vs j8004. We notice there are several differences between both juicers that really matter. First, the collection bowl of J8004 is larger than the bowl comes with J8003. This makes you able to produce more juice at a time by using J8004 rather than J8003. Then, the auger of J8004 is stronger even until 8 times compared to J8003. It makes you not worry about auger breaking. Also, the warranty of J8004 is 5 years longer than J8003. This makes a big difference. For all the differences, you have to pay about $30 more than J8003. If you want to read complete review on J8004 you can click here. You can also continue reading this article to get complete information on J8003.

Omega J8003 Juicer Features

  • J8003 Has measure 14.5” x 6.5” x 15.5”,
  • Covered by 10 year warranty,
  • Can be used as juicer, grinder, homogenizer, pasta extruder and also food processor,
  • Using low speed of 80 RPM so it reduces heating up and make juice more healthy,
  • Featured with dual stage juicing system,
  • No more heat build-up, foaming or even clogging.

Omega J8003 Juicer Reviews

J8003 juicer is really loved by its buyer. It has actually big number of average stars customer review. When this review created, it has average 4.7 out of 5 stars customer review. It means this J8003 juicer is really worth to be owned and it has enough reputation because J8003 juicer is manufactured by a trusted company, Omega juicer.

When I saw the review on, it’s hard to find somebody says that this juicer is bad. But, there is just minority of people said like that. Totally, 4 people give 3 stars review and less.

The one star review said that he was disappointed by J8003 juicer. He thinks he would love it, but he never tries to use this juicer. In the first using, it was defective and can’t be turned on. I guess there is a shipping or packaging mistake. Actually, this problem can be solved by Omega’s long warranty. In every product there would be a minus, it’s ordinary.

3.Omega J8005 Juicer Reviews

Omega J8005 Nutrition Center is another masterpiece of Omega Juicer. As usual, this juicer is covered by long time warranty, just like any other Omega juicers. This juicer is also same with the Omega J8006 and Omega J8004. They are using the masticating style juicer with low speed of motor’s rotation. A lot of benefits will be able to be got when you use juicer with masticating style. Some of them will be told below based on my knowledge about this product. Below, you will also read what the customers said about this juicer and the conclusion whether it is worth or not to be bought based on comparison positive and negative sides of this juicer.

Several months ago I tried to deep research this juicer because a lot of readers ask me to review this juicer. I read and compare a lot of trusted websites and make conclusion about this juicer. In this article, I will tell you all about this juicer starting from the features, customer reviews, and other things about it. If you want to buy this Omega J8005 juicer, you need to read this article first because there is unique information I found when I am researching.

J8005 juicer is a masticating juicer, as I said above. Because of it, the juicer works on low speed rotation of motor. Because it works on low speed rotation of the motor, the juicer will not produce heat that will be dangerous to the live enzymes contained in the fruits and vegetables. The live enzymes are the important things for the health and it gives your body enough nutrition. If they are burned, you will get minimum nutrition for your body.

Omega J8005 Nutrition Center – The Introduction of This Great Juicer

Omega J8005 Nutrition Center is one of the Omega juicers that use masticating style. Actually almost all of the juicer from Omega uses masticating style. Great things about this juicer is it will not produce heat since it runs on low speed rotation, it will not also foam and clog for the most juices you will make for your family.

Omega is always confident to their products, so they brave to give long time warranty. For this juicer, Omega gives 10 years warranty. This juicer has dimension about 14.5″ x 6.5″ x 15.5″ with UL- and CUL-approved. The juicer also is very easy to be cleaned, to be operated, and also to be assembled even by one who is new in juicing.

Even though the juicer works on low speed rotation, but it has 1/3 horsepower motor. Because of it, the juicer will be able to extract even the hard fruits easily without producing heat. The juicer’s motor works on 80 RPMs. It is lower speed if compared to the common centrifugal juicer.

Omega J8005 vs J8006 – Which One Is The Best?

Several people are wondering which one is the best between Omega J8005 vs J8006 and what is the different between them. Actually, there are not many different things between J8005 and J8006. But, if I may choose, I prefer the Omega J8006. It is because the Omega J8006 has more advantages if compared to the J8005. The price of both juicers is almost the same, but if you want the J8006, you have to pay more and also get more.

Omega J8005 uses the regular plastic auger and the more expensive one, J8006, uses the GE Ultem auger which is actually 8 times harder than the regular auger. Also, the warranty of the 8006 is 5 years longer than the 8005. The two aspects above are the main differences between Omega J8005 and the Omega J8006. So, you can choose which one you prefer between the two, but I prefer the Omega J8006.

Omega J8005 Features and Specification

  • This juicer is a commercial masticating juicer with 1/3 horse power single-phase induction motor,
  • No heat build-up, foaming, or even clogging,
  • Low speed rotation motor of 80 RPMs, cause no heat build-up,
  • Dual-stage juicing system for even better result,
  • It has reverse mode,
  • Auto pulp-ejection function for continuous juicing,
  • High juice yield,
  • This item is multi function because it can act as grinder, homogenizer, pasta extruder, food processor and of course juicer,
  • Protected by 10 years warranty,
  • The measurement of this juicer is about 14.5″ x 6.5″ x 15.5″.

Omega J8005 Customer Review

This juicer has been trusted to be the partner in juicing by a lot of people. Of course, it has got a lot of feedbacks from the customer. It could be consist of positive reviews that are thankfully to this juicer and also negative feedbacks that give ideas of which parts of the juicer need to be improved. Here, I will tell it for you so you will know deeply about this juicer and you will never regret after purchasing this juicer. I have read and compare a lot of reviews from many trusted review websites and found some important information about this juicer. For example, In Customer review, this juicer has average 4.5 out of 5 stars. This rating shows the satisfaction level of the customer. But, here I will tell the minus side of this juicer because the good sides have been told above.

4. Breville 800JEXL Juicer Reviews

Breville 800JEXL is suitable for person who loves to make home made juice so often. The home made juice lovers should invest to the worthiest juicer rather than to a short-lifetime juicer. This is to cut the budget and also produces high quality juice. The aim of making juice everyday is to get enough nutrition and also stay healthy. But if you use the wrong juicer, it will be easy to be defect considering you make juice so often. The final result, you have to spend budgets on repairing the older one or to buy another juicer. So, to choose the strong and effective juicer is the way out. The question, is Breville 800JEXL Juicer really worth of the investment?

I had no knowledge about this juicer at the past. But a lot of readers request me to review this juicer. I have spent a lot of time to deep research and compare a lot of reviews on a lot of trusted websites. Here, I will tell you all I know that got on my research and hope you are also helped by this review.

Breville 800JEXL is a 1000-watt juicer that’s very effective. It is housed by the beautiful design of stainless die cast steel, making it so catchy in the kitchen and also making it so strong because of the materials. Another feature that makes it so effective is the 3″ feeder tube. By having it, you will cut the time for the preparation. You don’t have to slice the fruits and vegetables first. Beside it, Breville Juicer 800JEXL has 2 speeds of motor. The lower speed is aimed for the leafy vegetables and softer fruits like grapes, strawberries, and so on. The higher speed is for the harder vegetables and fruits like apples.

Breville 800JEXL – Amazing Motor with Smart Chips

Breville 800JEXL is as powerful as the great commercial juicer even though it is designed just for household use. It is because the juicer has the Italian made more tour that is able to deliver 1,000 watts (1 1/3 horsepower) of power. Because of it, the juicer is durable and also so powerful just like the best commercial juicer.

There is also the smart chip to control the power given to the cutting blade. When the heavier loads are on it, the smart chip automatically drains more power to the blade so the juicer will be able to cut the loads greatly because the cutting blade and the filter run on the maximum speed. In other words, the juicer is very effective because it is saving the power when the loads aren’t too heavy.

Breville 800JEXL Material

Breville Juice Fountain Elite 800JEXL is made from the high-quality material and most of them are Italian crafted, for example, the diagonal knife blades of Breville Juicer 800JEXL. The knife blades are encased by a stainless steel cutting disc. The juicer is able to cut the pulp and turn it to be the small particles because the cutting disk of the juicer is made from 115 individual knives. The filter of this juicer is also Italian crafted. It has 40,000 micropores and it cannot be seen by human eyes. Because of that, the juicer has the ability to produce the high quality juice.

A said above, the Breville Juice Fountain Elite 800JEXL is mostly built from the high-quality stainless steel of Italian crafted. Because of that, the machine is very beautifully designed, works on great performance in extracting fruits and veggies, and also it is very durable and worth of the investment.

Breville Juice Fountain Elite 800JEXL Features

  • There is locking arm bolts move up to 1/4″ in all directions to ensure a snug fit in the locking arm,
  • The parts are safe to be washed by dishwasher,
  • Comes with the recipe book, juicing pitcher, and pulp container,
  • Save the time of preparation because of the big feeder tube, you don’t need to slice the fruits and vegetables before juicing it,
  • The materials built of this juicer are high quality and Italian crafted, the cutting disk and micromesh filter are made from stainless steel, and the housing is made from the die cast steel.
  • The juicer has 2 adjustable speeds, the higher speed is about 13,000 RPM and the lower speed is about 6,500 RPM.

Breville Juice Fountain Elite 800JEXL Review by Customer

Breville 800JEXL has been a bestseller juicer. Sure, it has got a lot of feedbacks, positive and also negative feedbacks. After deep researching about this Breville 800JEXL Juicer, I have conclusion that most of the buyers are satisfied of this juicer. For example, you can see the average ratings of it on Customer Reviews. There you will be able to see the average rating of it is about 4.6 out of 5 stars when this review created. Overall, you can make a conclusion whether it is worth to be bought or not. But here, I will also tell you about bad sides of the juicer. It is one of the aspects you have to take attention.

5.Breville BJE510XL

Breville BJE510XL juicer is a juice extractor that is able to be operated in 5 speeds. Not only that, there is a smart chip to control the power to the cutting disc, so when there are heavy loads on it, the juicer will be able to cut it without any hassle because the power will be increased automatically, unlike other juicers. Because of that, Breville Ikon is able to produce more juice and it is very effective considering in 5 seconds the juicer is able to make about 8 ounces juice. The effectiveness of this Breville BJE510XL juicer will make you save the time while juicing.

Several people who loves and loyal in Breville brand, will love to own this Breville Ikon. So, I spend some time to research this juicer for helping people who are searching the review about this juicer. In fact, I have found some important things about this Breville BJE510XL juicer and here I will tell it for you. So, if you like my review, you can give us a comment or share it with your friends, may be your friends will love to read this too.

Breville BJE510XL Juicer is protected by one year limited warranty. The measurement of this juicer is about 16.8″ x 15.5″ x 10.25″. When you purchase this juicer, you will get a cleaning brush included, a detachable spout for juicing directly in to a glass, froth separator, and a 1-liter juice jug. Those accessories will complete the juicing activity you make with your family and make it more pleasant. Beside that, it also has dishwasher-safe parts for quick cleanup, a backlit control panel, engineering grade polymer, and also a stainless-steel micromesh filter and cutters. All of these features will be got when you own this Breville Ikon Juicer.

Breville BJE510XL Juicer – One Of The Efficient Juicer

A great juicer is an efficient juicer which means enough fruits and vegetables needed to get the amount of juice you want. The more fruits and vegetables it needs, the less efficient the juicer is. The efficiency of a juicer is an important thing to be considered since you will save your money and also it usually determines the quality of a juice and juicer itself.

Breville BJE510XL juicer is an efficient juicer. It has a variable speed setting so you can adjust it to the most suitable setting for what you are juicing. This feature makes you able to produce more juice because you can adjust the speed by yourself to get the best setting. Beside it, there is a smart cheap to automatically increase the power to the cutting disc when there are heavy loads on it! Most of the buyers are pleased to this juicer because of the efficiency. However, the pulps produced still have bit moisture to it and that’s normal for a centrifugal juicer and it is worth of the price. If you want better juicer, you have to consider buying the more expensive ones.

Breville BJE510XL Juicer Specification

For design and technical specification, this Breville BJE510XL juicer is great. There is a safety lock operation. It is useful to protect the juicer from the unsafe operation that will damage it. There is an interactive LCD display. That makes the juicer user friendly and easy to be used even by person who are new in juicing. The display shows detail information about the juicer. Also, the stabilizing knife and the centered position dual knife blade make better balance and consistent result of juice. This also increases the quality of a juice.

Another great thing about this juicer is the big 3″ feeder tube. That makes the efficiency of this juicer increases. It’s the same feature as the Breville BJE200XL. You don’t need to pre-cut the fruits and vegetables before juicing because of the big feeder tube. You will also save the time and because of that, this type of juicer is usually searched by a lot of people.

Breville BJE510XL Juicer Features

This Breville BJE510XL juicer is covered by 1 year warranty,
The measurement of this juicer is about 16.8″ x 15.5″ x 10.25″,
Comes with cleaning brush, detachable spout, froth separator, and juice jug,
The parts of this juicer are dishwasher safe,
There is a backlit control panel,
The feeder tube is big enough, about 3″, to process the fruits and vegetables,
It has maximum extraction because it has speed from 6500 to 12500 RPM that is adjustable,
The power of this juicer is about 900-watt with 5 different speed.

Breville BJE510XL Juicer Review

Breville BJE510XL Juicer is one of the bestseller juicer, so there are a lot of feedbacks come to this juicer. The taste of each people is different, so the feedbacks to this juicer also are different. There are a lot of positive feedbacks, and also not few negative feedbacks. You have to read about this carefully to understand how the real condition of this product because I will tell you the reviews from real buyers. A lot of customer reviews can be found on a lot of trusted websites, but I prefer to discuss on because there is a special badge given by Amazon for the real buyers, that’s Amazon Verified Purchaser.

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