5 Must Have Plugins for Your WordPress Blog

If you have ever used WordPress you know the value of plugins and if you haven’t than: plugins are the piece of code than you can install on your website to enhance or add some functionality to your website without changing or updating the code of entire website. Using the right plugin for the right job is the key.

Must Have Plugins

If you are currently running your blog on WordPress or your are deciding to create a blog on WordPress than here is the list of 5 must have wordpress plugins that you should use:

1. JetPack

JetPack is a free plugin that helps you to enhance the performance, security and site management of your website.It has a secure mechanism which will help your site stand against brute force attacks and malicious logins.

Besides security it also helps you to speed up your site through its site accelerator tools. Site accelerator serve images from Automattic’s server which increases your site load time and speed as well.

JetPack also enables site insights for you. By site insights I mean the traffic you receive daily,which pages your audience is liking most and where the traffic is coming from. All these things in one package.

2. Smush Image Compression and Optimization

Smush is a free image optimizer plugins which enables you to compress your images to reduce their size. Which in return increase your site load time and speed.

Unlike other free image optimizer plugins, Smush gives you the ability to compress unlimited number of images with free version. While it has a paid version as well which further enhances the compression rate without distorting your images.

The features I love the most are:

  1. It allows you to bulk smush your images. Comes handy when you install the plugin when you have already uploaded images on your site.
  2. Automatic smush helps you to smush your new images without clicking a single button.

3. Contact Form 7

As the name suggests Contact Form 7 is a contact form plugin which allows you create contact forms for your WordPress website. The plugins generates a short-code for every contact form which you can use inside any page/post to embed your contact form.

The plugin is super easy to use even for the beginners. You don’t need any particular coding skills to generate your first form but if you have some know how about HTML it will come handy.

4. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a also a free and one of the must have plugins that helps your to optimize your site, pages and post content to rank in search engines. It have certain basic and some advanced functionalities that help your sites’ on-page SEO.

It also enables you to generate a sitemap for your website, giving you the full control of what to add and what not to add in the sitemap. More over you get full control of the breadcrumb structure.

When it comes to content optimization it guides you about the standards like the keyword density, word count, outbound links, internal links, keyword length and text title. It also gives you the readability analysis which means it reads your sentence structure and advice you on how to curate engaging content.

5. Really Simple SSL

Really simple SSL provides you the easiest way to implement SSL on your website without any hassle. It switches your complete site to the SSL version with one button click keeping your site settings and configurations intact.

It is lightweight plugin so will not have any effect on your site speed or site performance.

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