10x Your Traffic With Pinterest Followers Hack

If you are a blogger/marketer or e-com store owner you know the power of social media and that’s why you are here. In this quick “How To” am gonna show you how you can 10x your traffic with this pinterest followers hack.

Pinterest has emerged as one of the leading traffic sources after facebook and instagram. It has around a billion active users who actively engage with content of their interest. You can attract a whole lot audience to your website by posting regularly, without using any hack or trick. But, this will definitely take some time and hard work.

Before I get to the point I would like to tell you some of the major niches on pinterest, these are hot, trending and forever green niches on pinterest and you will get some extra help if you are working in these niches. But don’t be limited you can always create your own scope.

Top Niches on Pinterest

So here is a quick list of top niches on pinterest:

  1. Home Decor
  2. Women Fashion
  3. Health & Fitness
  5. Wallpapers
  6. Humor
  7. Travel
  8. Pets

Once again, don’t be limited you can always find a way with other niches as well. Like if you are in tech niche or money making niche or whatever you can get traffic as well. And there is no specific trick for that, Just follow the same steps mentioned below.

Growing Your Pinterest Followers

So, this is where the tricky part starts.

Firts of all create a good profile. By good profile I mean make it look legit and original. Upload a real photo of you if possible. Add bio, social profile links, website link (this what, we are doing all this mess for) and cover photo.

Create a few boards in your niche. Like if you are in Quotes niche, add boards like Motivational Quotes, Love Quotes and Fun Quotes etc.

After that pin a few high quality photos related to your niche. If possible create your own photos or click photos from around you and pin them. Pinterest audience always prefer original and new content.

Now search for your related niche in the pinterest search bar. For example you will search for “Motivational Quotes”.

This will give you the latest pins but this is not what we want.

Just select “People” instead of the “All Pins” in the serach bar section. This will give you the top influencers/profiles in your niche.

Now open the first few profiles. In the URL bar, write /followers after the username. It will look like this in your browser.


Now what you have to do is follow the profiles which have followers less than 300. Don’t follow the profiles which have less than 10 followers, these are dead profiles probably.

You can follow 100 profiles in an hour. And for every hundred people you will get 10-20 follow backs. TaDa…… what else do you want.

Now keep doing this for a week or so and you will have around 1000 active followers. Now you can start posting stuff from around the web to keep your followers coming back to your profile.

Remember don’t stuff your boards with your website links. Share data from other websites as well, that you think might be useful for your followers.

Once you have build enough trust and your followers count is more than 5k. This is the time you go wild. Now you can share what ever you want on your boards.

And about traffic, traffic will start rolling the very first day when you pin some photos and have 10+ followers.

Now it’s upto you how you manage to engage your followers. If you can’t give them useful stuff they will unfollow you. For sure!

Pinterest Scheduling

Though you have to share useful content with your followers regularly and more than once in a day. But if you a busy bird and don’t have enough time to pin photos on daily basis all you have to do is schedule pins for your boards.

For this purpose you can use different scheduling websites. Both paid and free plans are available on different platforms. The one I was using is Later. I am using the free plan which allows me to pin upto 30 photos per month on pinterest and same amount for facebook/twitter and instagram as well. They have free iOS/Android apps available in store as well.

What you can do is collect around 30 photos from the stock photos websites related to your niche and schedule them 1 for a day for 30 days. This will take about an hour or two but will save you from the stress of posting daily for an entire month. You can repeat this process every month or buy a premium plan and schedule more than 30 photos. In this way your followers will keep getting some cool stuff from you daily.

How to Schedule Pins

First of all go to Later and create your account.

After that you have to add your pinterest account to the software and grant all the premissions they require to post pins to your account.

To add your account simply login to your account and click the the little “plus icon” along with the Pinterest icon in the top bar below the menu. (See the highlighted area in the picture below)

Now drag and drop the photos you selected to schedule in the area that says “Upload media”. In the above photo I have added one photo as a sample. You can drag all your photos. Just make sure they are no more than 5mb.

No click on the photo you want to schedule. Click create pin. A popup will appear.

Select a board you created in pinterest. If you haven’t created any board yet. Goto Pinterest and create a new board. Go back to Later and refresh the page. The board you just created will appear in the boards list. Select it.

Now it’s time to add description (you can leave it blank, but if I was to schedule something I will definitely add some related tags).

Add Website as well and select date and time to post the pin to your profile.

Double check the pin and click save. And that’s all. You just scheduled your first pin.

You can schedule upto 30 pins a month. And that’s enough for beginners. You can pin some cool stuff by hand occasionally. So, your followers have something useful to see.

That was my little guide to 10x your traffic Pinterest followers hack. If you any question or you are facing any difficulty comment below and I will be right there to help.

Don’t forget to share and keep coming back for more cool stuff. See you soon…..

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