10 Ways You Can Earn Money Online

In recent years online earning field has grown into height very quickly and every 2nd person is someone involved into it. If you are also looking for some ways you can make some decent money online this post is for you. In this article I am going to reveal 10 methods that you can use to earn money online. Consider them as your side business or hobby or passion, whatever you want.

Before I dig deep, there are three things that you should have in case you want to succeed in online earning field.

  1. Computer and Internet Connection
  2. Passion for job(any field that you may select)
  3. Persistence

10 Ways to Earn Money Online

So, let’s get our hands on the 10 methods that you can use:

1. Blogging

Blogging is one of the easiest way to earn money online, specially if you have some writing skills and social presence. Secondly, you don’t need much capital to start (just $30 would be enough).

Now the main question is: What can I blog about?

Well, anything. And literally anything that suits your passion, something that you can write about or something related to your expertise. You can write about a common problem, you can write about your hobby, about professional life and there is a long list that goes on.

To get started you will need a domain name (about $12) and hosting ($15). Rest of the process is pretty easy. You can setup your blog yourself using tutorials or you can simply hire someone to do the job for you.

Capital Required: $30
Skills Required: Writing Skills

2. Vlogging

Unlike blogging, you don’t need writing skills or capital to start. All you need is a YouTube channel or a Facebook fan page to get started.

You can vlog about your daily life. You can vlog about travel, about your school activities or even if you have good sense of humor, you can vlog about that as well. Once you meet certain requirements YouTube or Facebook will start paying you according to your views and user engagement.

Capital Required: $0
Skills Required: Ability to find trending topics

3. Instagram Influencer

Well this one is pretty easy as well. If you have good amount of Instagram followers you can become an Instagram Influencer. The method is simple: contact small brands and small online store owners and ask them if they would like to collab with you.

In return you can ask for goods from their store or even you can ask for cash. Initially you have to keep your price low. May be $50/post or story but once you are well grown and you have good engagement rate you can charge $200/post.

Capital Required: $0
Skills Required: Socializing

4. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is yet another easy way to make some decent money online. In affiliate marketing you promote other people/brand’s products and they pay you some percent of every sale you generate. You don’t need to have a store or products to sale you can simply sale other persons products.

There are some big names that you can start with and whom you can trust blindly. These include “Amazon Affiliate”, “Commission Junction or CJ”, “ShareASale” and “JvZoo”.

Initially you can promote these products on Facebook groups, Reddit, G+, Twitter & and other free forums like Quora. But once established you can also setup an affiliate website or use paid Facebook/Google ads.

Capital Required: $0
Skills Required: Marketing

5. Become an Instructor

If you have some good knowledge about a specific field. Say you are a love guru, a parent children relation expert, a good maths tecaher or a English Instructor you can start teaching people online. There are certain websites that you can use for this purpose. “Udemy”, “SkillShare” and “Youtube” are the most popular.

On Udemy and SkillShare people will pay for your course (a course is a set of videos). These courses typically varies between $10-$200.

If you decide to use YouTube you can monetize your videos and server google ads on your videos and in return google will share the ad revenue with you.

Capital Required: $0
Skills Required: Technical Skills

6. Article Writing

If you have good writing skills you can start writing articles for other people. There are several freelancing sites that you can get started on. Famous are Fiverr, Freelancer & upwork.

Simply create your own gig or bid on posted projects. Try to grab the offer that best meet your skills and expertise level. Don’t jump for high ticket offers or the offers that are beyond your expertise.

Here is a complete guide on how to get started on fiverr.

Capital Required: $0
Skills Required: Copy Writing

7. Become a Voice Over Artist

Got a smart and sexy voice? Why not become a voice over artist?

Voice over artists are in great demand now a days because videos are in trend. People hire voice over artists to simply read a script (provided by client) that can be matched with their video requirements. This is just one field there are tons of other options available for voice over artist. You can become a voice over artist for a radio ad program. You can speak for a podcast etc etc.

Capital Required: $0
Skills Required: Voice/Public Speaking

8. Buy an App

If you don’t have any particular skill don’t despair. App business can be your thing. You can simply hire someone to build an app for you or you can buy a well established app from flippa.

If you are deciding to get an app designed for you I thing you should remember is that it can take a bit long to generate steady income. As I mentioned in the start persistence and patience is the key.

If you are deciding to buy a well established app be careful there are certain metrics that should take note of. Here is a complete list of all metrics.

Capital Required: $200
Skills Required: No (Some technical knowledge about the field is recommended)

9. Virtual Assistant

You can earn money online being a virtual assistant. If you have any skills that’s good if not, no problem. You can simply become a virtual assistant for cold calling or sending periodic emails to clients.

You can lend your services as a virtual manager to manage and keep record of an online store. Social media assistants are also in good demand.

Capital Required: $0
Skills Required: No Skill in Particular

10. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a trending and hot business for about a decade now. It is the most profitable, worry free and low risk business.

How dropshipping works?

  1. You create an online store.
    If you have web designing skills you can design your own store or else you can hire someone to do the job for you.
  2. You list the products for your store.
  3. A client orders the product (from your store).
  4. You order the product from supplier at cheap price (saving good margin).
  5. Supplier ships the product directly to your client.

Dropshipping saves you from hassle of inventory management, sending out packages etc. Also you can earn good profit margins (50% of the original price).

But there are some demerits of dropshipping as well:

  1. You need good capital.
  2. You don’t know the quality of product.
  3. Returns and refunds are not easy.

Capital Required: $400
Skills Required: No Skill in Particular
(but Marketing/Management is Recommended)

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